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FORACHEM is a unit of Hamdi-Freres Group, an industrial conglomerate based in Gabes, Southern Tunisia. FORACHEM products are: Ground Bentonite (Bulk, Big bags, and 50lbs bags, as well as fine-ground limestone for chemical industries
Country: Tunisia

On site sandbag filling service, for scheduled (e.g., construction) or emergency (e.g., flooding) uses; cheaper than manual operations, sewn bags lay flat when staking, interlock tightly with other bags, without air gaps. Goes anywhere in North America. California, USA. Sandbag Services is an inexpensive and convenient option for stockpiling bags for flood fighting efforts. For pipeline construction and erosion control, Sandbag Services has proven itself cheaper than manual operations due to prohibitive trucking costs, housing and per diem for workers, and worker related insurances. And the ability to make sandbags on site is convient to operations.
Country: United States

Our Company MERCAN TRADING CO, having wide experience in cement and clinker industry, is functioning as an authorised representative of 12 leading cement factories of Turkey on export of cement to Europe, Russia, Middle East, Afrika, and other countries. We offer to our clients various types and grades of cement, such as OPC CEM I 42.5, CEM II 42.5, CEM II 32.5, CEM IV 32.5, which are in compliance with European Standards CE-EN 197-1. We provide our customers with cement/clinker in 1.5 MT Big Bags, 50 kg bags within 1.5 MT Sling bags, and in bulk, as well, depending on their requests. Alongside with all these, we submit all the documents and certificates required for each shipment (Certificate of Origin, etc.). In order to be sure and for inspection of the quality of the delivered goods, we also submit all the relevant Inspection Reports/Test Certificates to our clients, etc.
Country: Turkey

Erosion control product made from recycled rubber tires, that replaces sand bags. Product specifications and dealer contacts. Eco-Blok is an environmentally friendly erosion control product that replaces messy sand bags. A precision manufactured product made from recycled tires, Eco-Blokô comes in Barrier-Blok and Filter-Blokô versions and can be stacked, glued, and staked in place and will last for years.
Country: United States

FilterPr Cleans and Reconditions filter bags and cartridges used in concrete plants, asphalt plants, and ready mix plants. FilterPro is able to clean your dirty filters to new condition at a fraction of the cost compaired to purchasing new filters.
Country: United States

Makes, sells manual and automatic sandbagging systems; lightweight, easy to transport, civil and military uses, faster and safer than shovels. Illinois, USA. Sandbagger - Fills up to 1600 sandbaggs per hour.The company's biggest customers are the military and local, state and national emergency management departments. Sandbaggers are also used to fill bags for erosion control and for holding down construction or police barricades.
Country: United States

Specializing in the use of geotubes, geobags, and geocontainers for dewatering dredged material, sewage sludge, and contaminated soils. Our professional services include consultation, planning, project review, field demonstration, training, marketing, and sales of geotextile tubes, bags, and containers. Services span the disciplines of geotechnical, hydraulic, and coastal engineering. Typical applications are in the areas of erosion and scour protection; drainage and runoff; marine structures (groins, breakwaters); levees and dikes; dewatering and containment of contaminated materials, fine-grained dredged materials, and municipal/industrial sludge. Geotec Associates can also provide forensic engineering services in arbitrations and mediations regarding dredging and geotecnical engineering.
Country: United States

Patio awnings, shop blinds, restaurant awnings, terrace awnings, DIY awnings, school awnings, canopies, all manufactured and installed by The UK's most recognised and respected name in the blinds and awnings market. Deans history spans three centuries as the leading UK manufacturer of blinds and awnings. The company was founded by policemanís son, Tom Dean, and was later taken over by his brother John. John Dean started out making canvas bags, which were in great demand as water carriers by the British forces across the Victorian Empire, especially in South Africa during the Boer War. Two of Deans latest awning innovations are The Pergotenda Terrace and Restaurant All Weather Awning shown below. Between the two world wars Deans became well known nationally, not only as a major force in blind making but also the owner was chairman of the local Fulham football club during its inter war heyday. The company is still privately owned and the current owners are just as enthusiastically and directly involved as the family ever were. Today, Deans manufacture and install a wide range of awnings including patio awnings, shop blinds and many other types of blinds and awnings from their factory in Southwest London. Awnings vary from the most sophisticated electronically controlled automated awnings to those same Traditional Victorian awnings produced so long ago. Deans Blinds and Awnings has always been supportive of the Industry and has been closely involved with the British Blinds and Shutters Association since its inception and was a founder member in 1919. Download BBSA code of practice here. Deans believe its employees are key to their continued success and a National Training Award Commendation in 1991 was followed up in 1993 by Deans becoming one of the first UK companies to achieve the prestigious Investors In People standard confirming their commitment to quality and training; This award has been re-confirmed 4 times since 1993.